Our God provides: a sermon using storytelling

Mark Boyley attended a four-day Wycliffe storytelling training course in 2013. He has used storytelling in personal evangelism and other contexts but not typically in preaching, or at least not in such a major way as in this sermon.  It is a good example of how storytelling can be used in preaching.

This sermon was preached in an Anglican Church in Sydney, Australia. It is a multicultural church of about 250 people. The sermon is on Genesis 22:1-18, the story of Abraham and Isaac on the mountain.

After listening to the sermon you may like to consider:

  • What is different about this sermon to conventional sermons?
  • How do you think the preparation for this might be different to normal sermon preparation?
  • What kind of sermon is it: evangelistic, pastoral, training or something else?

For more about how to apply storytelling in sermons, see Preaching.

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