Different ways to gain an opportunity to tell your story

As an answer to a question
After the person or group has revealed a question they are pondering, tell them a story which could help them find the answer to the question.

Ask permission
“Can I tell you a story?”
“Do you have 15 minutes to listen to and discuss a story?”
“Have you hear the story about… ?”
“Would you like to hear a story?”

As an assignment
“I’m learning how to tell stories, and my teacher wants me to tell one to ten people. Would you be willing to be one of the ten?”

As guided by the Holy Spirit
Sometimes, the Holy Spirit compels us to share a certain story with a person or group. We might say, “There is a story that I feel I should tell you.” Then tell them the story.

Just do it!
Just start telling a story to a person or group.

As a language learning exercise
“I am studying your language. Could you help me learn to tell a certain story well?”

As a natural lead-in
Notice a person or group’s situation (are blaming each other; are hungry; are making demands; etc.). Think of a connection between it and a Bible story. Say, “This reminds me of a story.” Then tell the story.

When an opportunity presents itself
When you notice people acting according to a tradition or superstition, ask, “Why do we/you do this?” Then tell them a story which challenges or offers an alternative to that tradition or superstition.

Seek the right kind of person
In each context, there may be a certain kind of person who is more willing to listen to a Bible story. It may be older women, teachers, etc.

As a solution to a problem
After the person or group has revealed a problem they are facing, tell them a story which could help them understand how to address the problem.

When a person is struggling emotionally
“It seems you’re really feeling . . . [afraid, anxious, depressed, etc.]. It helps me to know that the Bible has a story for every emotion I struggle with. Thinking of your situation, this story comes to mind.” Then tell them the story.

Swap stories
Ask them to tell you a story. Listen carefully. Then tell them a story.

Submitted by AS. What other ways can you think of?

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  1. pastor Peter m ojiambo says:

    Thanks a lot for your website
    You are doing a good job, I am ready to learn from you, and apply in the training with pastor’s in the village.
    Thanks again

  2. Robert says:

    In response to an inquiry
    When someone asks you question about your faith or life choices or things that you do because of your faith, for example “Why do you live this way?” or “Why do you do this?”. Tell a bible story that is a part of your story, why you do this.

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