Discussion group now on Facebook

We now have a group on Facebook under ‘Storying the Scriptures.’

A place for Bible storytellers to discuss issues, ask questions and share their experiences. Many of us have also felt the need for a place which keeps us accountable so that we keep learning more about storytelling and using it more often.

This is a closed group which means you have to apply to be part of it but once you are a member you can recommend other members.

What kind of people should you invite to join the group: –
a) Those already using storytelling in their lives in any context
b) Those you’re hoping to inspire to become involved in storytelling.

General guidelines – please try not to use shortened forms of words or abbreviations that people from other countries won’t understand. Also try to use simple, clear English so that those from non-English speaking backgrounds can interact in the group. Let’s help each other understand the posts. Thank you so much.

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