Meeting an Irish lady on the bus

As is my custom, I prayed for a ‘holiday gift’ on my recent long-service leave in New Zealand. This ‘holiday gift’ is a prayer for a divine appointment (like Philip and the Ethiopian in Acts 8).

The bus was full (good for divine appointments) but the lady next to me was sleeping. I started to pray that she might wake up and hear the good news!

About half way through our journey she woke up and I was able to make a lead in comment like, “Hope you had a good sleep.” Having opened up the conversation it was easy to ask her about what she was doing in New Zealand. I soon discovered she was from Ireland and on a working holiday. After a time I was able to ask some questions about Ireland and eventually to ask, “Now Ireland is a Roman Catholic country but what percentage of people do you think really take it seriously?”

“Very few, especially in my age group,” she said. “Most of them are like me. We had to listen to religious teaching at school but I don’t believe it.”

Then she started to ask questions about me and discovered I was a storyteller. She was intrigued by that until she discovered I was a Bible storyteller! Perhaps she then wished herself sitting by someone else. However, she agreed to hear one story and I let her choose. She chose an Abraham story – perhaps because at least the name was familiar to her.

The story seemed to surprise her and she was interested enough to have a casual conversation about what she liked, and what she noticed about people from the story. She also had several questions, the main one being, “Did Sarah ever have a baby?” So I told her the birth of Isaac story (in summary because I hadn’t learned it in such detail). Then she said, “Well what happens next?”

So I said, “I normally tell eight stories that give an overview of the Bible. You’ve heard story two. Could I go backwards first?”

So, I told her Genesis 3:1-15. After some discussion, she said, “Well what about story three?”

Over the course of an hour, I told her all eight stories and then also used a gospel outline called ‘Two Ways to Live’ to summarize what she’d heard and to explain what a Christian was and how she could become one.

I didn’t feel she was ready to become a Christian but she thanked me enthusiastically and said, “I obviously discarded the Bible too soon. I want to go back and read it.”

This post is also available in French.

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