South America – using storytelling to develop leaders

Credit: Pedro Szekely


Traditionally it is the elder men in the Nu communities who have taken on the mentoring and leadership of the younger generation. This has been done predominantly through the family line, with the oldest male leading the entire extended family. As the Nu people have become more exposed to the outside world, illnesses have claimed the lives of the elderly. This has left a void in the leadership, which the younger people have not felt responsible to fill. National missionary Lia* is translating a short set of Bible stories based on the idea of inheriting authority or ‘passing the baton,’ beginning with stories such as Moses to Joshua, Elijah to Elisha, and ending with the idea that God has given His people authority and leadership.

Pray that God will use these stories to help the Nu people see their need to lead spiritually and to share the gospel with others.

*From International Orality Network, June 2015

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