Storying the Scriptures on Facebook

Storying the Scriptures on Facebook is a closed group (meaning you have to ask permission to join) where you can:

  1. Ask questions and discuss issues related to Bible storytelling
  2. Share any resources
  3. Share testimonies of how God is using storytelling around the world
  4. Request prayer for storytelling opportunities or training events
  5. Ask for any help related to storytelling.

We are careful to make Bible storytelling the focus of the group.

At the moment this group only functions in English, so if you have enough English to benefit from the group please ask to join. We’d be delighted to have you.

I am happy for storytelling resources in other languages to be shared but it would be helpful to have one line of English explaining the resource. Once there are enough people from one language to support each other, there is no problem in forming another group – although it would be great if at least one person remained a member of the original English group so that we can still learn from each other.


This post is also available in French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

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