Storytelling – a protection against cults

Simply the Story trainings in Kenya

Cult Leaders Stopped!  “Most of the attendees expressed appreciation for the privilege to be trained to get back in the Word and even to teach it.

One pastor said, ‘Cult leaders have recognized that many Christians are ignorant of the Bible and they’re taking advantage of it and bringing their teachings here. This training allows us to get back to the truth through God’s stories.'”

“Now We Know How!” The general overseer of the pastoral fellowship in the region spoke on behalf of all participants saying that, “real transformation has come to the district.”

He shared how churches had been focused on unnecessary matters and neglect to disciple members. He said this happened because most pastors did not know how to teach the word so they had abandoned the responsibility. But he praised God saying, “but now, through the STS, we know how!”

Initial reports on Simply the Story website

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