“Two Ways to Live” – a gospel outline to call people to a decision

People often ask me about what to do when we’ve finished a set of ‘Bible Overview’ stories with an individual or a group.

I will often use my adaption of a gospel outline called, “Two Ways to Live.” (Matthias Media, Australia) It is like a ‘Creation to Christ’ summary story and is a quick summary of the stories. The final picture of six, clearly shows them the two choices that people have and shows that there is a choice to be made.

I always explain how to become a Christian using John Chapman’s simple, “Sorry, thank you, please” prayer outline. However, I don’t call for a commitment right on the spot unless I feel the person is ready.

If I’m in a group, I won’t call for people to choose to follow Christ then and there. Rather, I’ll explain how and then try and talk to them as individuals.

This video is how I use it. People often thank me for being so clear.

Recently, I’ve used this quite often during a ‘one-off’ story opportunity on a bus or plane. I’ll tell a story or a few stories and then finish with 2WTL to round off.



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