Using technology to spread a movement


Please pray for the salvation of the Amhara of Ethiopia who listen to the memory cards (storage devices for digital information) they have been given for their cell phones. Each memory card contains all the Chronological Bible Stories, the Jesus film, the Magdalena film, the Creation to Christ story with pictures, the audio New Testament, the entire Bible written in Amharic, discipleship Bible stories, and 150 songs that are Scripture based and are in the Orthodox style. People with these cards can blue tooth (send) them to other phones. They can spread the Gospel and God’s Word to friends and family via the phone. This is not expected to replace mouth-to-mouth evangelism, but it’s a great way to get out the Gospel and the Word of God! God can transform lives via His Word.

Pray that this memory card content will be sent out to multitudes of Amhara.

Sokoto Fulani of Niger

The gospel is being heard by many as Sokoto Fulani believers are using memory cards containing stories from the Bible to share with those who are seeking to know the Truth.

Many new people have been requesting the memory cards so they can listen to the stories on their own. The memory cards make it easy to listen to the stories while at home or out herding their cattle. Pray that those who are seeking will choose to follow Jesus. Pray for the believers as they follow up with those who are interested.

(May 2014 ION newsletter)


Memory cards are also being used among the Buddhist Shan. At last significant numbers of people are listening to local dialect Bible stories and watching the Jesus film.

What could you do with your people group? Have you already recorded in audio or video format a set of stories? Can you add a significant film? What else? How can you use the internet?
If you have sets of stories in other languages than English, could you please contact us so we can link them to this website?


This post is also available in traditional and simplified Chinese.

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