There are many helpful resources on the web about telling the gospel through story. Here are a few sites and videos you may find useful.

Resources in other languages are available on our translated sites.

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Six discussion cards – printable pdf – single page



An overview of the Bible in 3 minutes

Have you ever wondered how the whole Bible fits together? This short video shows how the pieces fit.


The International Orality Network


John Walsh stories

John Walsh is an excellent storyteller who has had a big impact on me. This is a site that has a huge range of stories in written, audio and video format.


Cross-cultural storying


A child storying the book of Jonah

Mary Margaret is seven years old and has learned the whole book of Jonah. Notice the points at which she doesn’t stick to the biblical account (almost certainly taught to her by an adult). If she’d stuck to the biblical account the whole way this would be even better.

If a child can do it, so can adults. Practice, practice, practice…


270 Chinese Bible stories


Henna stories

Henna Stories website

Here is a creative idea from India linking a cultural practice with Bible storying. The henna designs allow you to naturally tell a story to accompany each one. What practices in your cultural context could be used to allow you more story opportunities?

Henna designs are used in South Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Henna art is done in homes, beauty shops and even on street corners. While drawing the henna designs there is a chance for women to talk and build relationships.


Simply the Story

Simply the Story website


Bible Telling Stories

Bible Telling Stories website


Resonance Drama

This website gives resources about telling stories through drama. It lists advantages and things to consider in cross-cultural contexts.

Resonance Drama website


Story 4 All

Story 4 All website

Sand Bible

Here is another creative use of storytelling. A similar thing could be done with quick sketching. The storyteller is clear and accurate.

Sand Bible website

Storytime with Josh

Josh is an Australian storyteller who helps Wycliffe associates train Bible storytellers. He has many stories on his YouTube channel.

Storytime by SMBC

Here is an example of how storytelling can be adapted into a children’s talk. I would still advise that the story be learned first in it’s ‘pure/biblical’ form before you start adding and adapting.

Storytelling by SMBC


The Power of Story Telling

by Dr. Larry Dinkins

Chiang Mai

Summary of Acts chapter 1-14


Evangelistic film using Bible storytelling as method of sharing

This is a short (25 minutes) evangelistic film produced for working class, Taiwanese speakers, in Taiwan (English subtitles). The unique thing about it is that it models using Bible stories to share Jesus with people. Is this a world first?

Gimchua’s Family (EngSub) | Minnan Language Film


This post is also available in traditional and simplified Chinese.

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11 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Please do let us know of other resources out there that you have appreciated.

    • drunyon says:

      Please check out “Tribal Bible: Stories of God from Oral Tradition” at the Amazon Kindle Store to see if this new (2014) book would be a valuable item to add to your list of resources. Personally, I absolutely love it! Of course, I edited it, so there might be some bias in there somewhere….

  2. sinee says:
    Michael Novelli has written 2 books, “Enter the Story” and “Shaped by the Story”.

  3. Chris says:

    Can you explain a little bit more why you like the Novelli books – for other readers?

  4. Jazz says:

    Came across this website today.
    It has chronological Bible stories already written as well as tips on how to do Bible story telling.

  5. Sarah says:

    Do you do workshops in the New York City area? Or do you know of others who do? Great site!

    • Chris says:

      I am an Australian who lives in Asia and so won’t be going to NY. But the US has tons of good trainings. Look on the “Simply the story” website (can go via my resources page) or contact John Walsh. They should be able to let you know

  6. Charlotte Ralls says:

    Can you please tell me where I might find some Bible stories recorded on audio or video in Mandarin Chinese?

    • Chris says:

      This website has 15 stories in Mandarin (video). These can be downloaded if you click on them and go to the actual website where they’re stored. In the next week or two, the audio files of these stories should also be available to download (see ‘clickable’ links under the each video on the main page). The advantage of this set of 15 is that it is designed as a ‘Bible Overview Set’ so people can understand why Jesus came and what He did.
      On the resources page (in both English and Chinese) there is a link to 200+ stories in Mandarin. There are also links to the Jesus film in many different dialects of Chinese.

  7. Tracy Matthews says:

    Please can you tell me if there are any storytelling training sessions in the UK? Many thanks

    • Chris says:

      Dear Tracy,
      I have not heard of anyone doing storytelling training in the UK. However, if you want to join my Facebook group ‘storying the scriptures’ you can ask that question. Maybe someone knows. If you’re not on FB or don’t want to join our forum/accountability/encouragement group, then I can ask on your behalf.
      I keep hoping that I’ll get to the UK one day. How did you find out about storying?

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